Bainbridge Island Water Polo Club

Fall Saturday League

We are participating in the 2018 Newport Fall Saturday League in Bellevue, WA.  For those new to the team, this is a great way to get games in a competitive environment with no expectation of final scores. We've had a lot of fun in past seasons, and they are instrumental in helping build the skills and confidence of our high school players.

We have three teams entered into the league 

1. BWPC 16u Junior Olympic Team/ HS Girls (Lady Ray)

2. BWPC Club co-ed

3. BHS JV Boys

Every athlete is welcome.  If your child is hesitant, they can always come watch or suit up and warm-up with the team and ask a ton of questions.  This is for learning and instilling the love for the game, and what better way than to play a few games a day!?



Who: BWPC Club Co-ed (yes, your kid should come!!)

Cost: FREE with Fall season fees (plus a ferry ticket for your athlete)

When: 9/15, 9/29, 10/6, 10/27 (Times will most likely change, but the info can be found at:

How to Sign-up:

1. Email Coach Kristin to let her know your kid wants to play (We need to submit a roster on USA Water Polo - which means your kid needs to be at least a bronze level USAWP membership, not on a trial membership)

2. Go to the carpool link assigned to the specific day, sign up your car w/ your kid, OR sign your kid up for another car for each date they plan to attend.  

How can you help you ask? Volunteer to be a driving coordinator! This means you make sure we have the same number of kids going and returning, or at least know their whereabouts.  


1. BWPC Lady Ray:

2.  BWPC Club co-ed:

3. All team spreadsheet:
tournament sheet

4. Full tournament spreadsheet:  2018 Newport Fall Leauge Draft # 1